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What to Expect

1) When is the best time to contact your maternity or newborn session with Lucy Thompson Photography?

After the 20 week point in your pregnancy would be the best time. Simply click the ‘Contact’ tab and let us know which type of session (maternity, newborn, or both) that you would like to book, as well as your estimated due date.

2) How do you book your session with Lucy Thompson Photography?

To book your session with Lucy Thompson Photography, the session fee and signed contracts are due to place your appointment on our calendar. Appointments are first come, first served. When a specific date and time is requested, it is held for 48 hours until the session fee and contracts are turned in.

3) Can I reschedule my session once we set an appointment?

Being a mother, Lucy Thompson Photography understands that illnesses and situations arise. For this reason, an appointment may be rescheduled one time by the client. If it needs to be rescheduled again, a charge of £35 will occur. Lucy Thompson Photography may need to reschedule due to weather or illnesses (mother of 3), if this happens, no charges will occur.

4) When is the best time for our maternity session or newborn session to take place?

Maternity sessions are best done between 27-33 weeks. This is to make sure that there is a defined and beautiful baby bump and yet not too uncomfortable to go from standing to sitting for poses. Some maternity sessions have been as late as occuring while the mom-to-be was in labor just prior to leaving for the hospital to deliver.

Newborn sessions are to take place when the baby is between 5-21 days. This is to ensure that baby is nice and sleepy as well as flexible for those adorable squishy poses. A detailed list of tips will be sent to you to help make your newborn session the best possible.

5) How many sessions are available each month?

Lucy Thompson Photography only takes up to 4 sessions per month and 4 In Person Sessions.

6) When do you let Lucy Thompson Photography know that your sweet new arrival has made his or her debut?

To make sure that your little one has his or her session within the 5-21 day window, email Lucy Thompson Photography when you return home from the hospital or before.

7) How long is a typical maternity session?

A typical maternity session lasts about 45 minutes. Depending on weather and how the session is going, it may last longer and head off to another location.

8) How long is a typical newborn session?

Newborn sessions are typically 3 hours long. Some sessions go extremely smooth and are shorter than 3 hours, some may be a little longer when parent and sibling shots are added to the session. Some newborn sessions get rescheduled if a sweet little one decided to not cooperate for their session. This happens every now and then, it’s nothing to be too concerned about.

9) Can I bring anything to the newborn session?

By all means, if there is something that you own that has great significant value, bring it to the session. A baby blanket that a precious family member made, for example, is more than welcome. Please keep items limited to 2 at the most.

10)When can I view my images?

Images will be viewed at your personal viewing session. Sneak peeks on FaceBook and InstaGram will happen after your viewing session so that the experience of seeing all your photos for the first time is even greater. At this time, you will also be placing your print order.

11) Is there a minimum order requirement for prints?

The minimum order requirement is £100 (not including taxes).

12) If I choose to come back in a few months/years to order more prints, is that possible?

Yes, by all means, feel free to place another print order at a later date. Lucy Thompson Photography keeps photos on file for up to 5 years. Clients will be notified when images will be removed from the hard drives to make room for newer session images.

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