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Amazing Abbigail Grace | Newborn | Fresh Baby

It was a scary day for my cousin, Christopher, and his wife, Brooke, when they were told to go to UAB Women and Infant’s in Birmingham to possibly meet their baby girl who would be 32.5 weeks in gestational age due to Brooke’s blood pressure getting too high. As it turned out, Abbi needed to make her debut. She was 2 pounds 14 ounces and 16 inches long. The truly miraculous thing about Abbi is that she was breathing on her own! That is usually not heard of for a baby so small and so early. I got to meet Abbigail when she was two days old, I was just blown away. It is not everyday that you see a blatant miracle from God. Before Christopher got there to see us, he called on the phone and Brooke put it up for him to talk to Abbi. It was the sweetest thing to see a big smile cross her face just to hear her daddy’s voice, she knew exactly who was talking to her. I think she’s already got him wrapped around her tiny little fingers.:)

Since taking these images, Abbigail has been able to eat from a bottle on her own and has gained 11 ounces and is thriving. Praying that Abbi continues to do well and gain weight so that she and her parents can go home.

Beverly Hunt - March 7, 2014 - 10:29 pm

You know God performs miracles every second of every day. We are all blessed! We just need to get a closer relationship with Him and to be still and I can tell you by experience He is at work. This baby is a true miracle and about as cute as can be. He has a plan for her.
I want to tell you I was going thru a rough time. Went thru so many things that I was holding inside to which I was having what was diagnosed as psude seizures. It is pent up stress coming out and was stuttering, shaking, just unable to cope. It was almost a breakdown. I had gotten a divorce in 09 and my daughter had moved out of the apartment with me to her boyfriends house against our religious belief. 2010 New Year Eves night I knelt by my bed and prayed to God to please show me what he had in store for me that could bring me happiness. Jan 4th we unofficially found out that my daughter was pregnant (ept) and Jan 7th the health dept confirmed that. I wasnt entirely happy about the circumstances of the baby being concieved out of wedlock, but I was elated I was going to be a NaNa. My daughter let me go to every drs. appointment. Now at this time I would watch all pregnancy shows on TLC etc. At her first Ultrasound they found the baby and everything was good. She was 11 weeks at that time. Then they moved the wand and we saw another sac but no heartbeat, I then said I see the embryo don’t I at the bottom and she said yes. The baby died at 8 weeks. So my daughter was scared and started crying. She told me a few weeks later that she wasn’t crying because that one baby died, but she was afraid she would loose Jacob. I told her I understood, but I could tell her one thing that I felt had she had the ultrasound before at around 7 weeks and seen that babys heartbeat it would have been hard to hear later on that it had died. But she went on to deliver a baby boy at 39 weeks. Jacob is my pride and joy. They are living with me now and I get to hear his new words and sentences. His vocabulary is so good.

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